Keeping stuff is good #17 and #18

Collage 17 - 18
Again, from that sketchbook I recently unearthed and opened. There are a whole series of nudes in this sketchbook so I am posting two or three at a time as collages. I have repeated been asked to classify myself as an artist: a figurative artist, an abstractionist. An impressionist, an expressionist, a cartoonist? I have never known quite what to say. I know that I have been influenced by the German Expressionists and that somehow this was true even before I knew what the German Expressionist movement, let alone Neue Sachlichkeit was. The first time I saw a Max Beckmann I knew what was driving my ideas. I was reminded of that in an article about the current Lucien Freud drawings show at Acquavella by Thomas Michelli of the Hyperallergic blog (GALLERIES • WEEKEND). Based on that article, I guess you could stick me in surreal expressionism category. I’ll take it. Like all the other drawings in this series these are drawn on 11 x 14 archival, Aquabee paper.

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