Keeping stuff is good #14, 15 and #16 Female Model

Collage 14 - 16 collage poster

Again, from that sketchbook I recently unearthed and opened. There are a whole series of nudes in this sketchbook. When working from life, I try to draw the model as many ways as I can, especially as he or she moves from pose to pose. Working fast means making snap judgments and loose drawings, all the better to have fun with. With luck I can get two or three rough drawings for each 15 or 20 minute pose. Then, later on, I go back and do things to each drawing, hiding faux pas and creating nuance. Since there are so many drawings of nudes in this book and since so many of them are black and white, I decided to collage two or three of them together. Here, #14 is ink and wash over pencil; #15 is graphite and #16 is ink and wash over graphite. All the same woman, a saint-like creature who blessed me with her great patience. Like all the other drawings in this series these are drawn on 11 x 14 archival, Aquabee paper.

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