Keeping stuff is good #10, male nude

From 2007 #10 a

Yet another life drawing from that sketchbook I recently unearthed and opened. This one is in ink and black soluble crayon. I did the crayon first and then went over it with India ink. This is one of those drawings in which you just don’t know where you are going to end up. I enjoy looking at it, mostly to figure out how it might have been better if I had done some planning. But I don’t think that it’s one of my better works. I said that I would include everything in the book and I am. I like doing odd patterns and am happier when they are more dominant than in this sketch. Like all the others in this series it is drawn on 11 x 14 archival, Aquabee paper.
BTW, for the accountants among you, where is #9? I am pleased to report that it was sold and I dumbly don’t have an image of it. This happens now and again. Sales are a good thing.

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