Keeping stuff is good #05

From 2007 #05

Another page gets turned. So, why show everything in one sketchbook? I think that the whole idea of making art is to show or, more accurately, to share art. It is a way of having a conversation not only with your contemporaries but also every artist that has gone before. And showing everything is a way to remind myself and anyone else within viewing distance that it is more important to keep making stuff than to worry what others are going to make of it. I remember standing next to some loudmouth at a gallery opening and hearing him say that a particular work reminded him of a urinal. The work happened to sell for more than that guy probably made in a year; oh, well, there is no accounting for taste. This one is a pen & ink and pencil. Like all the others is 11 x 14 on archival, Aquabee paper.

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