Keeping Stuff Is Good #4

From 2007 #04

This is from a series of drawings that I recently unearthed when I opened a sketchbook that was sitting on a shelf. There were originally 60 drawings but some were sold. They are all 11 x 14 on 93 pound Aquabee paper. This one is done in pencil. By the way, it was done from life. The male model posed nude. He’s in his mid 50s and a bit on the paunchy side. An actor and construction worker, he is a very good model. He holds a pose for as long as 20 minutes, creates a bit of drama while looking “normal” (no gymnastics or overly fancy poses) and over the course of the six months that I had the privilege of working with him I drew him better than a dozen times in a wide variety of media. Several of the drawings that I did of him were subsequently sold.

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