Fooling around is good for you

Antelopes collage

I think that it is a good idea to reserve a bit of every day for a little fooling around. It breaks up the day and it is an opportunity to try new things. For me, it usually involves doing drawings on a Wacom pad using Painter 12 on my computer. It really takes the pressure off. If you make a mistake you can just erase or select the offending section or the whole thing, hit clear and begin again. And, once you have a drawing that you like, you can play around with it in PhotoShop. That’s what I did here. The original drawing was a multi-layer affair in varying earth tones. When I was done, I got it in PhotoShop and played around with the color and lined three color versions up in a collage. And that was it. No mess. No fuss. Of course, the original drawing or any of the others in the collage doesn’t exist except as an ink jet copy or as a file on a hard drive. But that’s OK. It’s just fooling around, right?. If you’d like a PDF copy of the artwork above, let me know at

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