The Giving of Thanks

The Bream Bird

This imaginary creature was created for a book called “The Voyage of Discoveries,” originally written as an ongoing blog. Since then, I have used it and the text that goes with it as an annual Thanksgiving greeting. That text goes as follows:

“After three days rowing in dark, dripping fog, we came upon several low-lying islands. The first two were little more than smooth black rocks just above the waves, but a third was larger and higher. Vegetation was at one end on a small hill. And, there was a spring of fresh water as well. And so, we were well pleased to come ashore, anchoring our pram in the lee.

It was on this island that we found bream birds of unusual size. They were indifferent to us and lay about in the bushes and on smooth stones. It being the time of the harvest feast, we took two that seemed willing to sacrifice, roasting them on a fire made from some of our precious dry coal. Their meat was hard and stringy and had a lingering, fishy taste. Several of our crew became ill from eating it. Even so, we were at safe harbor and thankful for it.” (from “The Voyage of Discoveries © mmgilbert 2004)

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