Road Trip

Farm View #1 14 x 20 charcoalA week or two ago, I had occasion to drive through parts of southwestern Ohio. Being from the east, I was taken by the flat open farm fields and enormous expanses of sky. I am used to seeing only small chunks of sky, framed by trees or tall buildings. I thought about painting what I had seen. I am generally not a landscape painter and not at all a painter of what some call “realism.” When I got back home, I started drawing some studies in charcoal. The idea wasn’t to replicate what I had seen. I have a cellphone camera for that if I want. The idea was to capture the experience of seeing this rather special landscape. And, maybe to see what I could do with a landscape. I have done three studies so far. This is one of them. It is 26 by 20 in charcoal (regular and compressed) and black Conté stick. I’ll do more and if things go in a good direction, I may open a tube or two and make a painting. I don’t know if everyone works this way, but that’s how I do it.

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