How it happens

Fascia Collage IArtwork is often a matter of chance. This compressed charcoal drawing is a case in point. It happened as a result of chaos. From about the middle of March until now, early June, I disassembled, moved and reassembled my studio. Every day, there was something that needed attention or fixing. This made it near impossible to do any work. That changed a few days ago. In the process of putting stuff back where I could find it, two sticks of compressed charcoal rolled out of a box I was putting on a shelf. I caught them in mid-air and realized that, no matter what, I had better start working again. I started using the compress charcoal sticks and a half used 11 x 14 pad to make a series of abstract drawings. I have about eight or nine of them done so far. I will try to do at least one of them a day until the pad is used up or the idea runs out of gas. Here are four of them. In my experience, this is how a lot of artwork happens, serendipitously, with one thing leading to another and materials on hand leading in new directions. Despite what some theorize about creativity, doing work and a willingness to “let stuff happen” has a lot more to do with it than inspiration or some process dreamed up by academics.

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