It can pay to wait

Jungle fantasyThe time between when I started this picture and when I finished it was years. I have been admonished for not finishing things. This picture is “guilty as charged.” But is procrastination always such a bad thing? I didn’t finish this picture because I lost the urge to keep going. I wasn’t sure that I believed in it. Most important, I didn’t know exactly what to do next. It isn’t the sort of gestural picture where you just let yourself go and see what happens. I felt that it needed a focus but I wasn’t sure where to put that focus. And so, I cleaned my brushes and covered it up. And, it lay there covered for years, until about a week ago when I took it out and looked at it. I am still not entirely in love with it but now I could see how to wrap it up and call it finished. The point in all this: if you are working on a piece and you are not sure what to do next or you are hesitant about its intent, put it away. Do something else. Go for a walk. Have a drink. Don’t force yourself to move into territory that makes you uncomfortable, seems boring or appears to be a waste of time. Some might say that you need to wait for the creative spirit to inspire you. Anyone who makes artwork knows that creativity or inspiration is for amateurs. If for whatever the reason, you are not ready to show up and go to work on a particular piece, better do something else for a while. This watercolor and ink painting is 18 inches high and 26 inches wide and painted on Arches 300 lb. cold press watercolor paper.

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3 Responses to It can pay to wait

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    I really like your art work. And yes, take a break to give your muse a rest. You’ll be glad you did!

  2. ddumoor says:

    My muse is demanding though

    mr gilbert will you check out my newly posted drawings and give me your honest opinion..has my muse been too demanding of me. The reason I ask is…she continually asks me…’what are you waiting for?’
    amongst others

    greatful in advance,

    • mmgilbert says:

      Yes, I will. Sorry that I took so long to reply. It has been a busy time. Just took a look at one, the Brooklyn “map.” So, what are you waiting for?

      BTW, I was born in Brooklyn.

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