Following a path to somewhere

Twofer abstracts for net

This is what happens when I start down a path. As an antidote to some highly detailed rendering and data analysis to a very practical end, I got up from the computer and did a gestural abstraction in the old AbEx style. And, the momentum of doing that has led to a further abstraction foray in a manner that’s a lot looser than what I normally do. So far so good, I suppose. But, I have noticed a pattern in all this, one that I suspect is common to a lot of painters; as you keep following the path ahead, it seems to grow less sharp and the later results aren’t as spontaneous or coherent as the first few pieces. So, you need to step away for a bit, clear the cranium and recharge. Someone hooked me on to Harvard Business Review of all things and I have seen articles in it that talk about the same thing – the need to step back and zone out for a little before tackling new challenges and creative challenges in particular. There was even one such article about the benefits of daydreaming. My school teachers should only know. I used to drive them nuts with my incessant daydream-related “doodling.” Now I can say that what I was doing back then was practicing, just like practicing the piano. In any case, these two drawing are both 18 x23 and done on 70 pound Canson drawing paper. Media are ink, compressed charcoal, pastel and Conté stick. And for those who need to ask: “What is it supposed to be?” the answer “cats.”

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