A look into the mind

Le Chat Qui Arrive

“A drawing is a look into the mind of the artist.” Someone said that and it is probably one of those truisms that is more or less correct. It happens to be true for this drawing (23 inches wide x 18 high.) I did it when there was a ton of stuff is going on, when there were (and still are) some heavy pressures, including drop-dead deadlines and a need to focus on details (the worst!). Over the past while, I have been involved with some highly detailed analytic and graphic work which had a nearly impossible time stricture. So, I just said to hell with it; time to draw for relief. It started out as a graphite doodle and went from there, with Conté stick, compressed charcoal and plain old charcoal going about as fast as I could. The real challenge was, amid the madness, to give it the coherence that is critical for any drawing that you don’t rip up and toss out. I need to make sure that there was a center of focus and that the squiggles and smears led in a singular direction. And then, I needed to know when to stop and go back to doing the stuff that was making me nuts in the first place. While gazing at a Kandinsky. a friend of mine of mine, an excellent draftsman and lighting designer, asked, “When did he know when to stop?” The standard answer is: “When it was cocktail time.” The real answer – at least for me – is: “When he didn’t know what else to do.”

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