Recent Work: Brooklyn Quickly

Cityscape revised

When things get busy as they are right now, I switch away from the oil painting that I prefer and to charcoal, pastel and pen and ink. It is easier to stop and start and there are fewer materials-related issues involved, especially with charcoal. Doing an oil is to me a big deal, like writing a book. And, I have always found that the simpler the materials and the quicker you can work, the more fun and the more uninhibited (some might say unprofessional) the work. The charcoal drawing above is 19 inches high and 24 inches wide and on 25 pound charcoal paper. I started by looking at an early 19th century painting by a Frenchman (Charles Rémond) and, having roughly borrowed his overall composition, switched the subject to an impression of Brooklyn which I had recently visited. The French work was careful and orderly. Brooklyn is not and so I started jamming. But more to the point, being mired in personal and business obligations, I needed to do something that I could get in and out of quickly and for better or worse, this is the result.

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