Recent work: Broken Promise

Monster skeletal
I promised myself: no more crazy stuff for a while. There’s an audience for it but maybe I should be doing “nice and safe” stuff that a certain kind of person would describe as “nice” or “sweet.” The trouble is that there is not much choice in the matter. You draw what you draw and the reasons why are not always easy to discern, that is, unless you are one of those old time Freudian types who can perceive the underlying meaning in everything. But, that’s why they made Whisky. I am content to explain this particular work by saying that I found a pad of long-forgotten charcoal paper (so why not use it up) and that I feel sort of between things, having been attending to a lot of business stuff and thinking too much about money. I might also point to a proclivity for German Expressionism(Kubin, Beck, Blaue Reiter group) and European surrealism Magritte, Balthus), especially as practiced after the Great War. Anyway, this is a 24 by 19 inch charcoal and Conte stick (Sanguine) drawing on 25.5 pound Canson charcoal paper.

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