The Osprey

Signed Bird #15 Osprey

This is another from the series of drawings I am doing of real birds. I had mentioned that I am doing this series to a friend who has a small cabin in the middle of New Hampshire, north of Lake Winnipesaukee. He sent me a video of an osprey catching fish. This is one remarkable bird. I am not sure how they were able to record how an osprey finds and catches its prey but I had the sense of being right there with this bird as it angled in and dive bombed its prey and as it flew back to its nest with a huge fish. It goes without saying that there are no ospreys around where I live and work. So, I did the next best thing and went to the library and found some photographs. I took pictures of them and using the various elements that I wanted, combined them into a design. This is it. I admit to doing this sort of thing a lot, even when I am working from a model sitting right in front of me. I’ll walk around the model and take what I think I’ll need to make a work. Sometimes, I ask the model to do a variety of short poses and then combine them. Other times, I will just work with my recollections of a place or a person. The idea is not to be a camera recording reality but to make art: sometimes good, sometimes not so good. The osprey does not always catch the fish it is after.

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