What a virus looks like

Virus Stage 3 jpg

This is a vision of what a computer virus must certainly look like. I did it with a Sharpie on Strathmore Bristol. I did it because I was on the phone with a technician who had taken control of my desktop computer and was patiently restoring it back to a semblance of life. This is the desktop that I use for graphics heavy-lifting. It needed what the technician called tuning and updating, something that he claimed needed to be done every six months or so. All that I could do was watch while he worked to put things right. Every time I had tried to work on something away from this computer or to use another computer, he’d ask me to do something or to test his progress by opening a website and seeing if it would work. So, I was stuck while he worked his magic. The problem was not a virus but my stubborn failure to upgrade from Windows XP to something more recent (7 or 8). But, I had originally figure it was a virus, even though I run a virus scan every week and have active virus protection. So, to stay sane while the tech guy worked (remotely, probably half way around the world), I decided to take whatever I had at hand and draw something. And, that something was a virus above. Well, not quite the virus above. After I did the outline with the Sharpie and the tech guy was done, I cranked open PhotoShop and did some coloring and playing around. I am just hoping that when I finally go to Windows 7 or 8, my Adobe and Corel graphics apps will run.


About mmgilbert

I have been drawing and painting all my life. Now part of the “New Symbolist” movement which encompasses both Goth, fantasy and tattoo art as well as the century-old work of Odilon Redon, I focus on archetypal and mythic imagery to evoke emotional themes and to reference darker fantasies. I have an abiding interest in figurative drawing, working on paper and exploring new ways to handle traditional materials. I studied with Edward Millman, a WPA muralist; at Purchase College; and at the Art Students League in New York.
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