Recent work: Making the big time

Zombie Quartet

It is about time that I made it in the big time. If you’re e in the business, I bet you have had that feeling plenty more than once. What’s the secret? Paying a publicist? Giving big bucks to a vanity gallery? Love bombing a few galleries that you think would be right for you? I’ve been drawing since before first grade and I’ve sold a picture or two in my time. And, I’ve made a living writing, illustrating and doing layouts. But, what do I really crave? The big time. The real big time. I want to walk around with the cool black shades and get the art junkies in the Hamptons giving me the hairy eyeball. That would be totally very good. Is there something wrong with that? I am just saying.
So, why hasn’t it happened? I have lots of folks who like my work and, truth be told, the best is when someone, just anyone but especially kids, spontaneously likes a picture and tells me so. It happened the other day while I was waiting for my younger son in his so-far vain attempt to cut his way through some Department of Motor Vehicles bureaucracy. A couple of grade school kids saw me drawing and came over to take a look. And, then, some guy, maybe in his late 30s does the same and they all just like what they see and tell me so. It’s the best feeling in the world. So maybe, this is the big time, at least for me.
Anyway, I came back to the studio and drew a picture of the quartet that would sing at the Chelsea or Hamptons gallery opening-happening-extravaganza that would result in a sold out show and big bucks for yours truly. It’s the Zombie quartet. They sing metal-skull head music. It is charcoal and pastel on 18 by 24 64 lbs. Strathmore paper. Back to work.

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