Recent Work: Hot weather silliness

Sock it to you Posterized

Once again, I am in my studio on a Friday afternoon pretty much out of gas. I have to finish a large work and so all the lights are on, making the place blazing hot. So, what to do? Fool around, that’s what. So, the other day, my friend Ed, the physicist, writes that he finds his sox drawer, filled with Costco Fashionista Speciales to be a bit fusty. There are white sox, brown sox and black sox, all going up to the knee, just the thing, he believes, for wearing with hiking shorts and sandals. But, he wants something more exciting in his life. I think that being a physicist, he hasn’t a clue about excitement, especially in the raiment area. I, however, have an outstanding collection of vivid foot coverings. I am after all in the creative business and am supposed to be visually “with it.” To give him inspiration, I fling an array of some of my better examples in a loose pile, take a snapshot with my smart phone and send it to him. He notices that there is excitement in these sox. Visions in his head of the elegant swath that he might cut in such attire, he thinks Wal-Mart or even Macy’s might be worth a visit. But, he is somehow diverted and heads for Home Depot instead. So much for attempting to give a physicist inspiration. But, I get an idea. Why not make something of that picture of the pile of sox? I have PhotoShop up and running anyway? Here it is and so it goes. It is truly silliness, art of the absurd.

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