Recent Work: Chat Martian

Chat Martian

This is a charcoal drawing, heightened with white on a prepared surface. Those who spent time studying art history and, in particular, the drawings done in the 15th and 16th century will know what I am talking about with this sort of technical jargon. But, for us guys, it is a bit of fun that I did when I wanted to mess around. I’ve done so many drawings in the same vein over the years that I cannot count them. It is 14 by 11 inches. When people ask me about a picture like this, I talk about a study in form and light. But, of course, they really want to know why on earth I would draw something like this. It is crazy business, no? Well, sorry to disappoint but this genre is not as unusual as you might think. Take a look at Goya’s Caprices and then take a gander at his black painting, now in the Prado but once decorating his dining room. Then, there is Gorey, Redon, Sendak and most of the German Expressionist painters. Or, try some of Mr. Buonarroti’s drawings. So, anyway, why draw stuff like this. The first and best answer is: “I don’t know; it just happens.” The second best: “It is the darkness that lies at the center of the artistic soul.” Snickers are appropriate here. I have friends who are shrinks. They just roll their eyes.

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