A new sketchbook – “Splice”

Splice #07

This one is from a sketch book that I started a couple of weeks ago. They say (and, I agree) that to be any good in one of the arts – music, writing, the studio arts – you have to do it a lot. So, every time I finish a sketchbook, I make sure that I always have a new, blank one and don’t skip a beat. I titled the new book “Splice” for reasons that make no sense in hindsight. First word that came into my head. Anyway, this drawing is done in colored pencil and involves fooling around with complementary colors as well as positive and negative ground. I have a lot of friends who do not have the first idea of what is involved in making art. They think that you just start at one end of a picture and work until you get to the other end. No planning. No consideration of color. No preliminary sketches. No thoughts about what parts to draw first. Which lines should be hard and which should be soft. You just do it. So, I give these friends the business about things like complementary color and creating mass all within the overall context of design. They always say, “Seems like there is more to it than I thought.” That’s because they are quite accomplished in their own highly technical fields and assume that, since they are experts in their own area, they must know about “simple” stuff like art. At least they have stopped saying, “When you have a moment could you do something with flowers. We need something over the fireplace.”

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