Drawing in restaurants

Brooklyn crooners

Do you draw pictures in restaurants? I do. I have a sketchbook with me to use if I am alone. I draw while waiting for the food to arrive, usually while having a beer or glass of wine. Or, even better, I draw on paper tablecloths when they are available. I did the drawing above in a first-class joint called Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens. There were four of us, a family dinner. Not only is the food and the beer (I had Kelso Pilsner) exceptional but Buttermilk Channel Restaurant also has brown craft paper tablecloths. Craft paper has plenty of tooth, if you know the term. And, even better, when the waitress saw that I was drawing with a pen, she brought some crayons which, she said, they kept for kids. She added that when she was a little girl, her father would always draw something in crayon on her lunch bag. And, so, this being Brooklyn and everyone knows how wild Brooklyn is, I did a bunch of dance scenes along with some ponies and a dragon or two. It’s what I call “the usual stuff.” The waitress got a nice tip and (How could I say “no?”) roughly one half of the drawings that I made between courses. In short, my waitress friend was a little kid again for a moment. And, so was I although in my case it is a constant not a “for a moment” thing. BTW, Carroll Gardens is a great neighborhood and Buttermilk Channel is a great place for dinner, especially if you get there early enough not to have to wait for a table.

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1 Response to Drawing in restaurants

  1. Mark Larsen says:

    that would be an interesting list of restaurants/hangouts/joints – ones that had paper tablecloths for drawing. love to see a book like that, with the drawings done from each restaurant.

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