The Last “Spectral”

Spectral #46

I have been filling sketchbooks for more years than I want to admit. Suffice it to say, there is a shelf in my workroom which is 38 inches long with over 40 books in it and another which contains maybe another ten books or so. There are approximately 65 drawings in each book. I just finished the latest book the other day. This is the last drawing in it. I do these books when I am “on the road,” on planes, trains or just sitting in a waiting room somewhere. I never took these drawings too seriously although I always put some care and attention into them. But, I always cared enough to name each book and work out a catalog system. That got more sophisticated when computers came in, some 20 years ago. The last book I finished is named “Spectral.” The one before it is called “Satyr.” The current one is named “Splice.” Some books contain more or less coherent subject matter, like a graphic novel (Think Max Ernst’s “Semaine de Bonté but nothing so explicit as Chris Ware’s stuff.) Some are just a compendium of drawings with some sort of loose theme. I am taking these drawings more seriously now. They seem to have commercial value which surprises me. The moral of this story: don’t throw away or devalue your work. You never know.

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