Things I forgot: Premonitions #34

premonition #34

The trouble with turning out a lot of work is that you forget stuff. I just discovered that I forgot a whole sketch book full of work that I did not more than two or three years ago. This book has some 47 drawings, all in pen and ink with the majority also incorporating watercolor. I hadn’t forgotten that I had this book but I definitely forgot what was in it. They are the usual grotesque subject matter that I cannot stop myself from doing when I am working for my own account and just having fun. The above work is a case in point. It is as the title indicates the 34th drawing in the book. We do not want to meet such a creature at night. I don’t have nightmares about creatures like this. Nor do I have hallucinations. And, I have never enjoyed sessions with a psychiatrist, at least not as a patient. Perhaps I should. The fact is, however, drawings of things horrid or grotesque is nothing new. Take a look at Gorey, Kubin, Doré, Ernst, Redon, Goya (whose darkest works adorned his dining room walls of all things) and then go way back to the Renaissance with Buonarroti’s dragons and before that to the gargoyles of the Dark Ages. Anyway, since I unearthed this book, I am going to be posting more of its more bizarre contents, if only so that I won’t forget that I did them.

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