Life on Mars: Small herd animal

Spectral #41

I have been slowly filling a sketch book called “Spectral” for months. This is the latest. I only work on this notebook when I am waiting for or riding on a train or a plane. And, half the time, I have to admit that, rather than draw, if it is late in the day, I get a bit weary and doze off. But, when I am drawing, I get a lot of reaction from people who give a look at what I am doing. These reactions range from a very quick peek and then a look away, pretending that they weren’t interested to a general comment (“Interesting,” “Are you an artist?” “How long does it take to finish one of those?”). In a few instances, there’s a long conversation. Most people have never seen a professional artist draw a picture. So they ask how pictures are done and are amazed when I give them a tour of color and composition. Few realize how complicated it all is. Some get a bit bent out of shape about the subject matter: “why not draw some flowers rather than those odd creatures? “ Anyway, this is one of my “Life on Mars” pictures. I have been drawing stuff like this in odd moments for more years than I am going to admit here (beyond saying that I am an old geezer) and have been getting reactions and answering questions for about the same amount of time. It is nice to share and if I can get someone to think a bit about what they are seeing. Some like what I do and some don’t. But, just about everyone has a reaction. And, that’s the whole idea.

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