Dr. Zwig and Mummy

The Mummy and Doctor Zvig

Another example of what happens when there is paint left over on my pallete. What happens is that I do a zombie painting. A visitor seeing it said this to me: “ we all have demons and it seems that you seem to have a lot of them.” That may be true. When left to my own devices, I seem to do a lot of drawings and paintings with “darker” themes. One day, they will come in and, after pinning me down with leather belts, give me special injections, attach electrodes to my head and take readings. Who could ask for more? On the technical side, this is a small picture, 11 x 14, done on heavy stock first prepared with several coats of acrylic gesso. You need to apply coats of gesso first if you are going to put oil on paper. Otherwise, the paint gets sucked up by the paper, looks chalky and, after a while, the paper gets all crumbly. The gesso prevents this and also obeys the “fat over lean” rule. As for the picture itself, leaving the subject aside, it is a study of broken colors from complementaries, this time cadmium orange and ultramarine. That should be enough color theory 101 for anyone.

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