The Zombie Girl

Zombie girl 02-08-2013

While it is inevitable I strongly dislike wasting paint, especially if the picture on which I am working is not so hot. In such instances, I often use the left-over paint on a second picture. That is why I made this “Zombie Girl” picture. I had been working on a large work in blue tones, using Cadmium Orange to deepen Ultramarine and give me blue-gray tones. The colors were fine but the overall design sort of sucked. So, I took a small panel and did a painting from a sketch I had previously made and called it “Zombie Girl.” There she is in her party dress waiting to dance with a Zombie Boy and the Zombie prom. I had just enough paint left over to finish her and I got a boot out of painting her. Someone asked whether I only outlined her hands on purpose or did I not detail them because I ran out of paint. The answer is that detailing her hands would have distracted from her face and torso; we are painters not film cameras. We select what we need to capture.

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