A Zombie

Oil on prepared surface, 11 x 14

Oil on prepared surface, 11 x 14

What do you do with extra paint when a picture is done? Usually all you can do is toss it. Every so often, when there’s enough of it and it’s time for a little crazy business, I do another picture with whatever paint is left (or, as is typically the case, with some additional paint). That’s what happened with this picture. The model is a tall, skinny guy who seems perpetually morose but is very serious about his business. I needed some relatively simple sitting poses but he insisted on driving me a little nuts with some very convoluted hand positions, mostly hiding his face. The work area was freezing and, in any case, I did not need or want him to take off his clothes but he insisted on it. After I finally got him to settle down and look like someone not having a contorted fit, I got the oil sketches I wanted and said goodbye to him. In all fairness, this model is a good guy and is trying to give his customers an extra measure of expression. But, it turned out that I didn’t happen to need that extra measure. Since the modeling session made me a bit nuts, I figured a little decompression would be nice and did this rather macabre, small oil from left-over paint, Cadmium Orange, Ultramarine and Titanium White. To me, it looks like something Kubin or Redon might have done.

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