Dancer Series #02

Black Model #04

This is one of nine drawings that I made during a session with a model a week or so ago. It is also the second of the series that I am posting on this blog. As I mentioned, I got a bit diverted from my main goal, preliminary sketches for some paintings of dancers. I am one of these people who read three or four magazines at once, jumping one to the next because I can’t concentrate too long on any one thing. And, so it was with these drawings. I just couldn’t sit still without doing something different: different focus, different style, different nuttiness. And, so, to keep me in check, I produced a bunch of ancillary sketches, this being one of them. Now, even though I may be reading four different articles at once, I eventually finish them all and so it is with artwork. The sketches that I am posting here, however, are as finished as they are going to be, except if a gallery wants them, I might do a bit of clean-up. So, without further ado, here is number two.

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