Dancer Series Sketch #01

Black Model #08

This is the first of a series of drawings that I am going to post here. They were all done as part of a single sitting. Last week, I spent the large part of the day working with a model, a dancer, who is great at posing and apparently tireless. My plan was to pick up sketches for a series of paintings called (obviously) “Dancers.” I was working in charcoal and conté stick. In addition to the sketches that I had worked out in my head beforehand, I started doing whatever seemed like fun. He might have been holding a rather elegant ballet or modern dance pose but I found myself drawing just his head, his torso or maybe his arm or shoulder. I did a lot of drawings. Anyway, I thought that I would share at least some of them here. Before any of them end up in an oil painting, they are going to get reworked, transmogrified or otherwise given the treatment. It is not surrealism so much as it is getting past a simple portrayal into a more basic visual state. At least, that is what I tell myself and anyone else who might listen and not burst out laughing. The two of us, the model and I, worked hard and had some fun creating stuff. And, he was polite enough, being in the excellent shape that he is in, not to make fun of my not-so-in-shape condition.

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