Kepler’s Lion — From “Life on Mars”

Kepler's Lion

From the series “Life on Mars” we have here the only image extant of the fierce Kepler’s Lion that roamed the bountiful plains of the Martian high plateaus in search of delectable feasts.  Soon remains of this creature will come to light as exploration of the planet continues.  Remains of many smaller creatures have, of course, already been found.  These discoveries are kept from the public as they would create consternation and fear among many people, eroding their faith and fostering social unrest.  More to the point, this is the sort of mental musing that occurs when one is awakened at three o’clock in the morning by a very cute cat interested in some attention and food. I always keep something that is easy to take up and draw for such middle-of-the-night cat episodes. I do a watercolor base and then the ink work a bit at a time as the occasion arises.  The sketch itself is on handmade paper and based upon a drawing from Michael Maier’s 1617 work, “Atalanta fugiens,” a work on alchemy.  Images were apparently used to explain methods used to transmute base materials such as iron and sulfur into noble materials such as gold.   This is the last post of the current year and as such, it is a fitting capstone for what has been thus far been wrought.  Health, happiness and prosperity to all in the New Year.

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