A bit of fun

Party Stage #4 v 2

This started out as a very free line-drawing, the sort of thing where you just draw a continuous line without lifting your pencil from the paper.  But, in the case at hand, I did it with a stylus on a Wacom pad using Corel’s Painter as the drawing program.  When the original version was done, I moved it as a jpg into Adobe PhotoShop and used the paint bucket tool to add fields of uniform color. And, that was fun.  I played around some more to give it some more jazz.  A couple of days later, I took up the original line-drawing again and, after adding a layer, did a more refined version, first as a line-drawing and then with color added.  And, that’s what you see here.  I could have made it more abstract but the idea is light and fun and abstraction would have been too serious.  But, anyway, what’s going on here?  Well, my friend, Ed, a very serious math and physics guy went to a party with other guys and gals with a similar disposition and at some point he got up and danced.  He claims that he was the life of the party.  Nothing will be the same again.  Later on, one of his colleagues dug up an old Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire dance video (circa 1943), just to give Ed encouragement.  Is he cutting up the rug in his living room?  One must pray not.

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