Three little drawings

Three separate sparrowsThese are ink over sepia and venetian red watercolor.  They are on hand-made paper.  I meant them to be a set and when I put them up for sale, I will set pricing in an effort to keep them together.  My experience is that drawings like this go fast.  I bought the paper years ago and put it away until I came across a batch of it in a drawer.  There were a number of large sheets but only these three small sheets.  I don’t know their weight but they cannot be folded and they took the watercolor and ink very well.  As for the birds, the two on the left are sparrows of some type.  I saw very similar ones in a park recently.  The third, on the right, is an unknown species, found as I like to be, in northern climes where the air is clear and sharp. If I were to frame these, I would back mount them and set them recessed under glass so that the paper’s edges would show.  Real hand-made paper isn’t easy to find these days.


About mmgilbert

I have been drawing and painting all my life. Now part of the “New Symbolist” movement which encompasses both Goth, fantasy and tattoo art as well as the century-old work of Odilon Redon, I focus on archetypal and mythic imagery to evoke emotional themes and to reference darker fantasies. I have an abiding interest in figurative drawing, working on paper and exploring new ways to handle traditional materials. I studied with Edward Millman, a WPA muralist; at Purchase College; and at the Art Students League in New York.
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