The neighbor’s barn

11 x 14, oil on prepared watercolor paper

After the hurricane in my area and days without power, heat and, because we have a well with an electric pump, water, we were treated to a “nor-easter,” six inches of snow and gloomy skies.  So, I decided that it was time for something brighter.  A couple of weeks before all this, while the weather was still warm and pleasant, I took some digital pics around and about, including the 150 year old gravestones in the woods nearby and a neighbor’s barn.  I have never been in it, but I bet this barn smells just like the farm outbuildings that I wandered in when I was a kid: musty and old. But, anyway, I decided to paint it as it would be in high summer, when the trees were meltingly green.  This small picture is an oil painting on paper that had been well coated with three layers of yellow-tinted acrylic gesso. While painting it, I tried to give homage to Oscar Bluemner, an American who emigrated from Germany in 1893 and who, despite his seminal impact on American Modernism, was and is largely overlooked in 20th century art history. He died by his own hand while living south of Boston in 1938. Few of his pictures sold in his lifetime but some of them glowed with wonderful color.

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