Halloween 2012

There is a face you may have seen in the dark, coming at you out of nowhere, strangely familiar.  You don’t realize what you are looking at in the beginning.  But, then, you realize that this is a face that you know very well.  You are not looking in a mirror but you know who it is, even if you can’t quite put it together.  It’s an eerie feeling and one that you are not likely to forget.  It can be even harder for the artist who draws a face from some long-lost memory and wonders why he or she has seen it before and, worse still, why it is so familiar. I have watched my cat look at himself in the mirror and wonder whether he connects what he sees with himself.  This is a charcoal and black chalk drawing, heightened with white on a prepared 14 x 17 inch surface tinted with Yellow Oxide.  It was done it the past six months, almost by compulsion and with little planning in advance.

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