Cartoon Funzies

There is nothing more fun than doing spontaneous, little cartoons.  Well, that’s an overstatement of course.  There are some things that are more fun. But, spontaneous little cartoons are still loads of fun.  I did the original for this cartoon (“Jump Dancing with Bubbles”) on a paper tablecloth in a restaurant at 10th Avenue and 24th  Street in Chelsea on New York’s west side last week.  I moved it into PhotoShop, fixed it up and then colored it. You probably know this already but Chelsea is the most concentrated gallery district in Manhattan these days and I go there from time to time to check out the competition.  And, occasionally, I run into something really special.  For instance, I ran into a wonderful Alice Neel show last spring.  And, at almost the same time, I saw a bunch of Hans Hoffman works in another gallery.  This last time I was in Chelsea, I saw a wonderful show at the Nancy Margolis Gallery of work by Asuka Ohsawa, a Brooklyn artist who has an amazing grasp of gouache and an urge to portray space invaders in a style that borrows from medieval Japanese prints and from contemporary manga and anime.  Who could not like stuff like that?  Space Invaders! Wowsky! The Margolis Gallery show is already down but Ms. Ohsawa has a website: And, she does t-shirts too!  But, then, so do I.

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