The Beady Gimlet – Sign of Horror

Watercolor, colored pencil, ballpoint pen on Farbriano watercolor paper.

The bird with the Beady Gimlet is a sign of evil and to be feared.  This is the old legend and is one that seems to have some truth to it.  Images of the much feared Beady Gimlet or Eye of Defilement have been recorded from the earliest times, going back even to Neanderthal times. Images of birds and sometimes also lizards or other reptilian creatures or bizarre fish, bearing the feared sign have been observed in the deepest caves of the ice age Europe and before.  Those who have encountered them are said to be forever changed and not for the better.  Several are said to have been driven mad as their guilt for both previous and future transgressions, including lustful longings, requited and unrequited, became suddenly too hard to bear.  This is as may be but this drawing is of an unending series of works on paper.  Just as it is not the first, it is not the last and all are of the same nexus.  Why draw these creatures?  Largely because they seem to need to be drawn.  There is no more to it than that.

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