The Green Death

Watercolor and colored pencil on Fabriano watercolor paper

A friend of mine has been in hospital for a few days, being treated for double pneumonia.  At first, it didn’t seem like anything serious but soon it took on a life of its own. His doctor slammed into a hospital bed and started a drip to deliver an antibiotic.  Fortunately, he responded well, even to the extent to rave over some hospital-issue meatballs served to him for lunch.  He’s due to be released today or tomorrow.  But, no one is quite sure what caused his illness.  And, that is the reason that I created this creature.  It is green because we have decided that what he had was the dreaded “Green Death,” a disease that we imagine is caused by small, snaggle-y litter bugs that sneak into your ears and dig their way down to your middle parts where they carry on and listen to loud music. What could be worse?  The drawing is on heavy Fabriano water color paper and done in watercolor and colored pencil.    I didn’t want it to look so cute but it just turned out that way.

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