Ghost Dancers of The Desert

Fooling around with Corel’s Painter on a Saturday morning when you are supposed to be doing other, more important things, can lead to some interesting results.  This is one example. It started out as a line drawing.  The objective was to make a one line drawing, not lifting the stylus until it was done. The first thing I did was to use “Fill” to add colors. The next thing I did was to close that “filled in” version and open up the file without the fill and then lay colors down underneath the line drawing layer and, after that, ditch the line drawing layer.  That is what you see above her. When I started out, I had dancers in mind and when I finished I ended up with what I am calling “Ghost Dancers.”  The tan background and the weird plant-like movements are in keeping with a visitor from a desert region who has described her front yard as “rocks” and who describes places in the American West that are alien to me, living as I do in a veritable forest of towering trees and flowing rivers. “Ghost Dancers of The Desert” gives me the willies.  I can hear the drums and the chanting. Time to get back to work.

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