Recent Work: A Cat Re-Found

Black Ballpoint Pen on 20 lb Goldenrod Copy Paper

I found this one in a stack of papers. I must have done it in late spring of 2011 while I attending a meeting.  The impetus was not just the boredom of the meeting but also the arrival of my cat, Charlie (aka “Sweet Pea”), in March of that year.  He is an orange tabby that had been abandoned.  He apparently spent a while on the street until rescued by a local group, re-domesticated, given medical attention and put up for adoption.   He visited the vet recently.  Everyone there greeted him with great affection.  They had treated Charlie when he was first rescued, long before I knew him, and recalled how nice a cat he was.  Anyway, this drawing is on 20 lb. goldenrod copy paper and drawn with a black ballpoint pen.  I always draw whenever I attend long and onerous meetings.  Otherwise my mind wanders and I lose track of what is going on around me.  I had totally forgotten this particular drawing.  I often do that; a work will go right out of my head until I see it again.  That was certainly true in this case.   I’ll bet that it was a meeting called by one of those self-absorbed creeps who call meetings to baste their own ego and to “liven things up” with bad jokes.   Charlie advises that such meetings are to be avoided and I take his wise advice with only two exceptions: a gun to my head or big money.

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