Recent Work: Another Occult Screamer

Watercolor, ballpoint pen and PhotoShop enhancement

This is the latest and 21st entry in a sketchbook, started in June 2011.  Virtually every drawing is an addition to what of my friends calls my “tooth-and-claw fetish.” I love drawing these little beasts but I have no idea why other than this: when you draw things right out of your imagination, you create your own reality.  And, they are invariably studies in light and negative ground.  Those “logical” explanations come off as pretty lame for those who look for underlying, hidden meanings and motivations.  It’s about unresolved conflicts of Id and Super-Ego?  Beats me.  I’ve been doing them, it seems like, forever.  I admit to planning them out in my mind in advance.  And, for what it’s worth, I am not alone in doing these odd drawings.  There’s Odilon Redon and Alfred Kubin and the big-time fantasy books, Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the Harry Potter series.  There’s all that Goth stuff as well.  And, as you probably recall, it goes back further in time than some might think; to Michelangelo and Da Vinci. But, that still doesn’t answer the question as it pertains to me.  But, who cares? I like doing them and if others happen to get a kick out of them too, that’s what counts.  This one was done in soluble watercolor pencil, heightened with black ballpoint pen.

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