Continuing Experiment: Narxthos, Mythic Beast

Inkjet and ballpoint pen on mold-made, archival paper, 8 x 10 inches

This is another one of those experimental drawings involving a digital print on high quality, mold-made paper and detailing with a black ballpoint pen.  It got a little reworking done in PhotoShop too.  I have been drawing odd, imaginary creatures all my life.  Apparently, I did them when I was a kid or so I was reminded by a friend who used to watch me do them in grade school, in class when we were supposed to be paying attention to the teacher.  So what is it?  Well, since I made it I am telling anyone who asks that it is a Narxthos, a rare creature that is used in occult ceremonies as a dark sacrifice to bring forth the vile and obscene smoke and stench for the stultification of the innocent and pure so that they may be enjoyed during the Witch Dance.  How and why it is used is not clear although I imagine it involves boiling bile produced under the most unnatural and painful condition.  Whatever.  I had some fun doing this and it seems that this multi-media technique looks like it is worth exploring, at least one more time.

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