Recent Work: The City, Experimental Drawing

Ink jet printer and ballpoint pen on Perma Jet fine art paper

This sort of work is not what I usually do, at least not on a very regular basis.  It is a style I am not always crazy about even though others including some galleristas seem to like it.  Just shows you what I know. I started it in Corel Painter one late afternoon when I was pretty much out of gas from working on an oil and was putting off cleaning up. I put down one color after another with some thought of a landscape, nothing more than that.  It wasn’t totally random; I wanted a pattern that the eye could follow, but no more planning than that.  Anyway, I moved it into PhotoShop, made some small color adjustments and printed the whole thing, using an Epson ink jet printer on some mold-made, heavy and archival ink jet paper.  I made two versions, one by mistake with the printer on the wrong (portrait) setting and the other in landscape.  The next day or so after that, I started playing around with them, using a black ballpoint pen, ending up with this stylized and idealized urban scene.  Of the two, I liked this one the best.  And, of course, which one will sell?  The other one of course.

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1 Response to Recent Work: The City, Experimental Drawing

  1. Sue says:

    Hi, I am an art lover and I saw your work on cariglist. May I see more of it?

    Would you please contact me at my email?



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