Life on Mars (Revised)

Line Drawing with Sharpie on Canson 70 lb drawing paper, 18 x 24

Among some of my oldest and closest friends are scientists who have had an abiding interest in astronomy since childhood. They ground their own mirrors for Newtonian telescopes in high school, went to places like MIT, RPI and Harvard for college and over the years have made rockets, read altogether too much science fiction, taken advanced degrees in a whole range of arcana and applied their skills and education both commercially and for their country. Being really bad in math, I could only sit on the sidelines as they did strange and arcane things.  But, I was able to draw and thus contribute in some small way to the whole shebang. Immediately after the latest thingy landed on Mars in a quest to find life, it struck me that we might not know what we are looking for and that it would be a good idea to make some preliminary sketches in the absence of confounding hard evidence. This drawing is one result.  It started as a black-and-white line drawing (Sharpie) on 18 x 24 70-pound Canson drawing paper.  I photographed it with my trusty Nikon DSLR, made adjustments in PhotoShop and then used Corel Painter to do the coloring. I have no doubt that when Martians walk over to the Curiosity rover to introduce themselves, this is exactly how they will look, just as Ray Bradbury predicted

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