The Witch’s Demon Blue Egg

Ballpoint Pen, Watercolor, Colored Pencil on Fabriano Drawing Paper, 8 x 10 inches

Demon eggs are blue and hatch only upon a witch’s command and upon birth the demon inside may become a witch, if it is worthy in form and character.  For this reason, the small, reptilian creatures that keep them have special gifts and their very presence is a source of horror and worse.  And, here we see the blue egg of a demon being kept by such a creature just before the hatching.  This drawing is in ink over watercolor with colored pencil highlights.  It is one of several drawings form a sketchbook started in 2011 and called “Spectral.” As I have previously written, those who know of these things see antecedents in the work of Kubin and Redon as well as Bosch and before him, Da Vinci and Buonarroti.  The genre has now been translated by the video game industry and seems to be part of the contemporary psyche.  For more on all this, take a look at the games reviewed in Joystiq and at some of the extraordinary artwork in the games it covers.

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1 Response to The Witch’s Demon Blue Egg

  1. Grotski says:

    I could not love this more and will now go look up “New Symbolism”

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