Witch Party – Work In Progress

Oil on prepared surface. 18 x 24

This is one of a pair of oil paintings I have had hanging around for a while. There is no rush to finish them but I have been going back and forth on them for a while.  I want weird and I am getting it but I have been fighting between flatness and using light to get dimensionality.  And, that’s the point of this blog.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t help doing what my inner inclination is.  It is what all of us do.  It would have been fun to emulate Alex Katz but my classic training juxtaposed against a dislike of representation and more than casual admiration of George Condo at his creepiness keeps clicking in.  So, I keep going back and forth, a particularly annoying situation, especially since this work is part of a diptych.  How long has this been going on?  For a couple of years.  I put the two works aside and after a while take them up again, give them a light sanding to get rid of any funny stuff and go at it.  And, the sad truth is that I may toss the pair of them although this one has a satisfying madness to it.  What’s taking so damn long?  After all, van Gogh could pull off a masterpiece in a couple of hours.

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