The Higgs Boson in living color

Black and Red Sharpie’s plus India Ink on Canson drawing paper, 18 x 24

The discovery of the Higg’s Boson is, I am told, a very big deal in the scientific understanding of our existence, matter and the Universe as we know it.  But, the news articles about it said that its discoverers really didn’t see it.  What they saw apparently was the “shadow” of the Higg’s Boson, whatever that means.  I am sure they are right but it is beyond me.  Some of my oldest friends and acquaintances are scientists, some in physics and mathematics and I suspect that it is beyond them as well.  All of which made me wonder: what’s this thing look like?  Or, if I drew it, what would I make it look like.  The attached schematic is the result of that wacky thought.  First, I figured, there must be inhabitants. Who lives on a Higg’s Boson?  I imaged some folks from the Upper West Side who constantly make old Vaudeville jokes.  Second, how would it be decorated?  Surely, there must be an interior decorator involved somewhere.  And, wouldn’t there be outriders?  There would be things that fly alongside: the thing about physics is that there always seem to be smaller particles. So, I set to work with some Sharpies on a large-ish sheet of paper.  It is as good a guess as any, maybe.  By the way, Higg’s is a Scotsman and Bose (as in boson) is a physicist from India.

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