Gremlin, Witch’s Consort

Black Ballpoint on Fabriano sketch paper

I did a gremlin a few years back and this is another one.  Basically, the same pose.  Gremlins are, as I am sure you know, creatures of the dark, consorts of witches, able to spread foulness and fear and quite smelly.  Or, at least, they should be.  However, I see them as basically friendly and as possessing a wonderful sense of humor.  They like to make tricks and to sneak up behind their victims and give off peals of harsh laughter before they sink their teeth into any available flesh.  Images of gremlins have been used to create fulminating curses and to drive people to dire ends, but only when they deserve it.  Why draw such a thing? Dragons, demons and horrific creatures are an ongoing subject down through the ages, from De Vinci (see his dragon) and Michelangelo (another dragon) to Alfred Kubin’s work and beyond. That said, the intent here is a study of light on complex surfaces.  While it may have a passing resemblance to an etching, it is actually done in black ballpoint pen, a trick for which I am endlessly grateful to Yasuto Sasada on Fabriano sketch paper.  I had seen works in ballpoint over the years but dismissed ballpoint as a curiosity or a sideswipe at pop art. That is, until I saw Mr. Sasada’s work at CATMChelsea. He mixed ballpoint with watercolor in a very interesting way that deserves a look at his work on the web.  Is there anything more to my little drawing? Close your eye tightly and stare at it and feel the gremlin bite you?

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