Witch Dance


I once worked for a person who suspected that I am a witch. I had a number of spooky mythic beast drawings up where I worked and he was one of those fundamentalists for whom everything was either black or white. He was also very interested in proselytizing those who worked for him.  He was singularly unsuccessful at it as much because of the way he went about it as by the very extreme views that he expressed.  He was much too enthusiastic about it and what he espoused was a bit too simplistic for most people.  He was told to cool it, proselytizing subordinates in the workplace being a very big issue these days, although he continued to call those employees whom he saw as most promising converts at home, sometimes late at night, to spread “good news.”  In short, this guy was and is an insensitive jerk, despite his talents in many areas; people slowly came see him as such but also to fear him.  He viewed those who did not accept his views as potentially evil and, and so, had little or no compunction about turning against them in an instant if he thought it would further his career.  I think he believed me to be a devil worshipper and probably does so even today. I’m rather proud of that. That’s why I did this drawing. He may see it and realize that it portrays witches putting the devil’s special curse on him. Hee. Hee.


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