A mythic one

Colored watercolor pencil on 100 lb. Fabriano paper

I did a lot of this on a train with a Derwent Soluble Colored Pencil in a Fabriano sketch book.  I also used a damp blender.  I always bring art materials when I travel and am able to work on trains, inter-city buses and aircraft.  It gives me a chance to work without phone or other interrupts.  Of course, there is always someone who gets curious and wants to know what I am doing.  There’s also the delicious sense of doing something that maybe I should not be doing, like doodling in class when I should be paying attention.  The truth is that if I don’t doodle, I have trouble paying attention.  Similarly, when I draw or write I need music playing to help me stay focused.  It’s OK, I’ve learned. Many people who write or draw have the same issue.  Anyway, this is a drawing of one of my mythic beasts, all of which I reference to one of the many fictive volumes of “Field Guide IV,” a set of books that I have envisioned for years.  I’ve modeled them after those bird guide books that serious birders carry. As a drawing, however, this one is a dead serious study of light, purposeful classic proportion and all that boring stuff they try to teach in art school. I did my best not to pay attention but something must have stuck, dammit.

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