The Diner Bird

Black Roller-Ball Pen and Salad Dressing on the reverse of a diner place mat,

I am one of those people who think that, if you are an artist, it is OK to draw anywhere.  This probably comes from when I was a kid and was admonished not to doodle in class or at social occasions.  Later on, I found that, having some sort of attention problem, the “distraction” of drawing helps me to concentrate in meetings and that I can hold a conversation or listen intently while drawing. I also find that listening to music helps me to focus when I work.  Since I discovered this, I have met many others who say the same thing. So, it turns out, I am not totally nuts.  This little bird was drawn with a ball tip pen on the back of a paper place mat at the Glory Days Diner while waiting for a chicken-in-the-basket (complete with fries and fried onion rings) dinner. The other side of the place mat is filled with advertisements, including one offering a “free consultation” another for Mr. Carmine’s Laser Hair Therapy and yet another for Red’s Garage (featuring step bars, lift kits and bed covers).  There was also an invitation to become a volunteer fire fighter.  Is it showing off to draw in public?  If others see what I am doing, they invariably are drawn in and get a kick out of what I am doing.  By the way, no idea what sort of bird we have here.  I was thinking of a sparrow.

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